5 common accounting mistakes (and how to avoid them)

Starting a business can be a challenging experience, especially when it comes to managing your numbers and staying on top of your financial management. Unless you’ve got some experience in finance, the bookkeeping and accounting requirements can be quite daunting. And even with today’s helpful cloud accounting platforms and fintech apps, there’s always the possibility of making a...

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The importance of regular bank reconciliations

A Bank reconciliation involves a comparison of your sales and expense records against the record your bank has. It is a critical financial process to identify and rectify any discrepancies or errors between your internal financial records with the transactions recorded in your bank statement.  Bank reconciliations keep your bookkeeping accurate and can help lower your tax, alert...

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Signs Indicating That You May Need a New Accountant

Having a good relationship with your accountant or accountancy firm is essential for any business to be successful. As your business expands, the accountancy firm you used to work with may not offer the same range of services your business currently needs. That said, they may not be giving you the best advice or service for your current...

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