The importance of regular bank reconciliations

A Bank reconciliation involves a comparison of your sales and expense records against the record your bank has. It is a critical financial process to identify and rectify any discrepancies or errors between your internal financial records with the transactions recorded in your bank statement.  Bank reconciliations keep your bookkeeping accurate and can help lower your tax, alert...

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Holiday cash flow for your small business

This time of year can be hard on small businesses. With a bit of pre-planning and being proactive, you can set yourself up for a financially stress-free holiday. Talk to us. We can help. #smallbusiness #cashflowtips Are you heading away for a break from the business this year? This time of year can be hard on small business....

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Understanding Your Profit and Loss Statement

Your profit and loss statement (P&L) helps you understand your business performance and profitability over time. It’s sometimes called an Income statement and its main purpose is to list income and expenditure. Whereas a balance sheet is a snapshot in time, the P&L shows transactions over a specific period of time. This can be a month, quarter, financial...

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