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Back to Tax Basics: How capital allowances reduce your tax bill

Are you planning to purchase some major fixed assets? Talk to us about the available capital allowances, super-deduction and the potentially positive impact on your cashflow. #tax #accounting #capitalallowances Generally speaking, the business expenses you incur are allowable against your profits. But when it comes to fixed asset purchases (things like machinery, equipment or vehicles), these purchases are...

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Tips to Write a Financial Plan for Your Small Business

Creating a financial plan is often the most daunting task when writing a business plan. It is, however, essential for businesses that want to be taken seriously by investors, secure funding, and achieve long-term success. Fortunately, you don't need a degree in accounting to put together a winning financial plan. All you need to know are the key...

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Budgeting and managing cashflow

If you want to stabilise your finances and grow the business, working to strict budgets becomes a necessity. Managing the cashflow twists and turns of a project can be hard work. But it’s easier to do when you have an agreed budget and can track your spending and performance. So, what’s the best way to stay in control...

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Business idea – where to start

Having that Eureka moment when you cook up a great new business idea is a great moment. You’ll be full of ambition and eager to begin building your startup. But once you've had that initial rough idea, how do you assess and plan out your business idea to make sure that it has legs? For a startup, the...

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What’s the best legal structure: incorporated or unincorporated?

When setting up your business, one of your first decisions will be choosing which legal structure to use – and thinking about how this structure will affect the way the business runs. Businesses can be operated either as incorporated entities (generally, that means being a limited company) or unincorporated entities (usually, going self-employed, or setting up a partnership)....

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Getting funding for your startup

A great business idea is an excellent starting point for a company. But without funding to provide the necessary capital, your business idea could be dead before it's even begun. This is why getting funding for your startup is so important. To quote a well-worn phrase, ‘Cash is King’ and that means it’s critical to start thinking about...

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Making sure your new business finances are in order

Getting your head around Business Finances and the basics of bookkeeping, accounting and good financial practice may not come naturally to all business owners. But the better you understand the numbers, the more control you'll have over your business and your decision-making. To get you started, here’s a rundown of some of the main financial terms and how...

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